First France-Japan Advanced School

on Chemistry and Physics of

Molecular Materials



The school comprised invited lectures
from senior researchers and poster presentations from participants (mainly PhD students).

Lectures concerned chemistry and physics of molecular materials.
The following topics have been discussed:

- Conductors and superconductors;
- Molecular magnets;
- Multifunctional materials;
- Photo-induced phenomena;
- Non-linear optics;
- Molecular electronics;
- Theory.


Schedule is available here


Files are in PDF format, they can be visualized with Adobe Acrobat Reader

PDF files can be printed only in low resolution modes on lecturers requests

Hervé Cailleau (Rennes) Bit of physiscs about photo-induced phase transitions
Toshiaki Enoki (Tokyo) Magnetic TTF-based charge transfer complexes
Jean-François Halet (Rennes) Introduction to electronic band structure of solids: application to molecular materials
Shin-ya Koshihara (Tokyo) Role of molecular charge ordered system in ultrafast photonic science
Isabelle Ledoux (Paris) Multifunctional molecular materials and nanostructures for photonics : from molecular engineering to optoelectronic devices
Lydie Valade (Toulouse) From molecules to devices: the necessary processing step
Takehiko Mori (Tokyo) An easy way to strong correlation and magnetism in molecular materials
Philippe Rabiller (Rennes) Electron density & its topological analysis
Gunzi Saito (Kyoto) Design of organic functional materials
Toshihiro Takahashi (Tokyo) NMR in another world – as a probe of electronic properties –
François Varret (Versailles) Light-induced instability and like-spin domains in switchable molecular solids (spin crossover and Co.)
Michel Verdaguer (Paris) Molecular magnetic materials (an overview)
Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (Hong Kong) From photophysics and photochemistry to functions and applications of luminescent metal-based materials

The lecture of Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel prize of chemistry 1987) is not available

The poster session took place on Wednesday 22nd from 16:40
in the hall of building 10B (campus of Beaulieu).

The official Language of the school was English.


PHOTOS of the school are available

The abstract book is also avalaible